What You Should Look For in a Basketball Hoop to Improve Your Game


Basketball hoops are designed in various ways. We commonly see hoops as a ground pole with an attached rim on the backboard.  However, a hoop can have several other features that can help improve your game. And these help a lot on your personal training.

Height Adjustments - Standard hoops have rims set at 10 feet. Most beginners would find this too high and it can be quite a challenge for them to practice their shots. In most cases, hoops have fixed heights, leaving younger players without a choice. They either try hard to make their shots or wait until they grow taller and stronger that they are able to shoot the ball enough to reach the rim. Waiting can mean wasting precious time that could have otherwise been spent on practicing their shooting skills. Due to this, several hoops these days come with height-adjustable rims.

Break-away Rims - Rim design at http://bballworld.com becomes important as a player develops his or her game. This is quite true, especially for males. This is why it is important that your hoop is able to provide you better playability, particularly once you reach the point where you are able to practice dunking. While younger athletes tend not to perform slam dunks, this becomes more common once a player reaches high school age. This is when most athletes are able to focus on developing their vertical jump, allowing them to practice dunking the ball. And if you are practicing on a stationary or static ring, there is a good chance that you will be breaking it.

Break-away rims are quite popular in most universities and even some high schools. This bballworld design is quite noticeable in professional basketball leagues. In this design, the rim can be slightly displaced from the mounting mechanism that attaches it to the backboard. It can then snap back to its place once the rim is released. This not only extends the life of the rim but also helps in player safety.

Backboard Material - The kind of backboard material used will determine how well the ball rebounds or bounces off its surface. Balls bounce off best on plastic backboards. Polycarbonate is also a good surface for the ball to rebound from. There are also acrylic and glass backboards but they don't do as well as the previous two materials. If you want to learn more about basketball, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basketball .

Backboard Size - The size of the backboard matters. Regulation requires backboards to be 72 inches in width and 42 inches in height. However, backboards can vary from this size. You would want to take note though that a larger backboard tends to be better, especially if you are practicing the full range of your shots.